Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Jenny Perry Photography do photo sessions ?
I am a natural light photographer, which means that all photo sessions are on-location and usually outdoors.  I will work with you to choose the perfect location for your session.  This could be your backyard, your favorite park, or anywhere that is meaningful to you!  Typically newborn sessions are the only sessions I do indoors, and that will usually be at your home.  I also offer the option to do sessions at a local Atlanta natural light studio.  Rental fees vary, please inquire if interested.

What time of day do you like to schedule photo shoots?
The actual time depends on the time of year, but the best times for lighting are in the morning shortly after the sun rises and in the evening shortly before the sun sets.  Indoor sessions are typically scheduled for mid-morning to maximize the available natural light.  Mid-day is the least preferred time to take pictures because the light from the sun can create harsh shadows on faces.  Of course, I always want my clients to look their best! 

When should I schedule my session?
I recommend contacting me a minimum of a month in advance of when you would like to have your session.  However, if I have availability I'm always happy to work with you with late notice.  For newborn sessions, please contact me at least two months in advance of your due date so we can schedule a tentative date.  I always try to be as flexible as possible due to the very unpredictable schedule of your baby's arrival!  October and November tend to book up quickly due to holiday cards, so schedule early!    If you need your images for something special (such as holiday cards or senior photos), please try to schedule your session three to four weeks ahead of when you will need the edited images.

What should we wear?
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable!  Coordinating colors are most visually pleasing, but no need to wear matching outfits.  I love light neutrals on top so that you are the focus, not your clothing.  Try to avoid busy patterns or large logos.  Click here for a great post by fellow NAPCP member Emily Yewchuk about what to wear.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask! 

Do you use props?
I always encourage my clients to bring their own hats/hair accessories, a favorite toy, children's chair/stool,  blankets/quilts, or other accessories to include in the pictures.  I will provide a neutral blanket for photos on the ground or for damp surfaces.  If you have any questions about what to bring, just ask!  I'm happy to give guidance on the subject.  All you really need for great photos is yourself, your loved ones, and a smile! 

What should I expect after my session?
I typically try to post a few sneak peeks on my Instagram page within two to three weeks of your session.  You will receive your edited photos via a link to a personal gallery within three to four weeks of the session.  This will be an online gallery available for viewing for two months once posted.  Once you select your favorites included in your session and let me know you are ready for your downloads they will be available via an emailed link. You will have the rights to print your photos for personal use or share the photos on social media and you may keep and print the photos forever.  If posting online, please credit Jenny Perry Photography.

What printer should I use to print my photos?
The computer screen I use to edit your photos is calibrated to is a professional quality printer.  I strongly suggest you print your photos using for the most true to life coloring in your photos.  You will have the option of ordering prints printed through directly from your online gallery.  Please note, if using printers such as shutterfly, snap fish, walgreens, target, etc. your photos may not look as intended or high quality.

**Please note, Jenny Perry Photography does only very minimal retouching (i.e. red spots on newborn skin, runny nose on a toddler, spot/stain on a shirt, individual blemish on an adults face).  If you would like more than minimal retouching/photoshopping the charge is $10 per photo.  Thank you for understanding.